Ethereum Wallet GB Project

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This client supports: all versions of Windows and Android.
You can pay with the coin ETH and ETC.

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How to get a wallet?

3 easy steps


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Getting the address of the ethereum network.

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Get and send your tokens using our project.


Ethereum Wallet GB FAQ

1.How to create a wallet?

- For convenience, install the client on the USB flash drive, open the main file, enter the password and click on the "New" button. In the main folder there will be a file "" it does not delete this your wallet, make a backup copy.

2.How to transfer your wallet from Android to Windows?

- If you created a purse on the android and want to use it on the PC, you need to connect your phone to usb to the PC and find the file "" to transfer it to the main folder of the program for the PC

If you have any more questions, write to us by e-mail!

3.What commission do you charge?

- Commission we charge only for sending namely 0.1% of the amount and 0,001Eth for each transaction!

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